7 Characteristics of a Human Brand

What makes you human? Welling up when you watch a video of otters holding hands for the 456th time? Feeling your blood pressure rise when someone cuts in front of you in the supermarket queue? Saving that last cupcake for your partner…but failing miserably and scoffing it anyway? Hey, I know you...

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Why You Should Care About Artificial Stupidity

Prepared for the artificial robot uprising? Would you back yourself in a fight against your now sentient toaster? Pop culture and tech columnists would have you believe that we’re a hop, skip and a jump away from an ethical hellhole, sponsored by our new robot overlords. Even a world-renowned...

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How to Humanize Your Social Brand for Better Conversions

I’ll let you in on a secret, brands are looking for engaged customers. Crazy, I know. Let’s break down what that means though because ‘engagement’ can become an empty term – it’s basically about having a customer base that knows who you are, likes what you say and trusts you. This all...

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The Importance of Humans in Digital Transformation

A few years ago, experts were trumpeting that the future is mobile, and they weren’t wrong. Some of the world’s most successful new apps and business models are mobile-based — just look at Uber, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now, our machines and devices are beginning to understand us on an...

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3 Best Lead Generation Methods For B2B Companies

What lead generation methods still work? Sometimes it can feel like technology is changing so rapidly that what worked for you last year might not continue to yield the best possible results. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the three best lead generation methods for B2B companies – both...

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Why Organic is Dying and What to Do About It

Can your business realistically rely on organic reach alone? Probably not, although organic advertising still has an important role to play in conjunction with paid, the stats make for sober reading. A recent experiment shows that only 4% of your brand’s Facebook followers could be seeing your...

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Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand featuring @JennyQ

Not only is Jenny a livestreaming superstar, she’s also a great friend of mine who’s always bursting with innovative and creative ideas while championing new, exciting ways to connect with people. I’m sure you’ll agree that the friends that challenge your thinking and bring insightful...

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Why It’s Better To Be An Underdog

People love the story of an underdog: a journey that captures relatable challenges and seemingly insurmountable odds, only to be overcome by the little guy in the face of adversity. There’s something intrinsically human about the tale of an underdog, and it taps into our capacity to hope for the...

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The Death Of Indecision: Five Ways To Improve Decision-Making

Business decisions are hard-hitting. We’ve all agonized over our choices, whether in the office, the kitchen or during that movie you’ve wanted to see for weeks. When we’re stuck, who can ever confidently say with complete conviction which decision is the right one? Without possessing...

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Why We Only Need One-Degree Shifts In Life And Business

Reading persuasive arguments about the merits of transforming your business can be convincing, but using hyperbolic language like “transform” can overinflate the need for the subtle changes that often lead to progress. We’re encouraged by bombastic advice to create shifts that are...

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guerrilla marketing

How Guerrilla Marketing Evens the Marketing Playing Field

With all the other challenges you have to face, how do you, as a start-up company, survive and compete with the big giants? Guerrilla marketing offers organizations at the early stage of their business development, basic but highly targeted strategies that won’t take much of their financial...

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People Buy Emotions Not Things

Just for a moment, think about the last big purchase you made. Was it a car? A house? That boat you had been dreaming about? Or possibly something as simple as a purse? At first glance, it may seem that our purchasing decisions have much more to do with the careful analysis of needs than anything...

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