The first radio broadcast occurred on November 2, 1920. Daily broadcasts were introduced in 1921 and thus began the saga of this thing we call “Content”, and on our darker days, the “Content Monster”. From its’ inception content has always driven channel revenue and consequently content creators have always been on the quest to understand exactly what drives the consumption of content. Such data is the holy grail of competitive advantage and traditionally out of reach of the lowly small business or entrepreneur due to prohibitive cost. It is this that Michael Brenner and Liz Bedor set out to correct with their book The Content Formula. By breaking down the mysteries of Content Marketing they work to empower business owners everywhere to take ROI into their own hands.

Bryan and Suzie talk with Michael Brenner about how he and Liz came to write their book and the lessons they learned in the process. Content marketing is only growing in importance for all of us and this is an amazing opportunity to engage with the guy who very literally “wrote the book” on it!